2013 will be a great year for Digital and Direct Marketers!

Although the news media are still skittish about the economy, it is clear to me that 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for those with digital and direct marketing talent.We are celebrating our 40th year in business this year! When we opened our doors back in 1973, we were the first executive search firm focused on the recruitment of direct marketing talent. At the time, that channel consisted primarily of direct mail. Though offline marketing channels are still dear to our heart, direct marketing has expanded to mean online and emerging media, and those channels will continue to enjoy explosive growth in the coming year.Savvy companies recognize that the expense of hiring a digital marketer is soon outweighed by the revenue generated through the online channel. And the beauty of direct and digital marketing is – unlike brand marketing – the results are measurable! To provide one example, a Search Engine Marketing Director may command a salary of $100,000….sounds like a lot…until you measure the additional traffic they bring to your website. It doesn't take that many more product sales to justify that expense, and that's not even counting the lifetime value of the customer. As a second example, a Web Merchandising Manager who knows which products to feature, and how to highlight the benefits of those products, can provide insights that have tremendous impact on the bottom line of ecommerce sales.Social Media is finally having its day. Yes, the concept has been around for years, but marketing departments are recognizing that the relationships social media establishes with bloggers, “likes” and tweets can be measured and monetized. I predict that companies who do not have a dedicated social media professional on staff will lag behind the pack, much as the companies who did not establish websites ultimately realized back in the 1990's.Those who can bring all facets of the picture together – integrated marketing professionals – will be in high demand. It's just not acceptable for “one hand not to know what the other is doing.” There must be overall direction and vision in terms of marketing initiatives, regardless of whether the customer purchases through a catalog, website or telephone call. It is important that the company speak to all customers in “one voice”, with consistent messages and offers throughout marketing channels.If you want to learn more about trends in direct and digital marketing, please contact Wendy Weber, President of Crandall Associates, Inc., at 516-767-6800 or wendy@crandallassociates.com
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